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Contact Information

Brooks Trade Center

1500 N. Boyd Street

Newton, KS 67114

(located in the north parking lot behind NHS)

(316) 284-6280


Railer Academy is open during normal school hours (8:00 - 3:10 PM)

Railer Virtual Program students may come during school hours by making an appointment with the instructor

Railer Academy and Virtual Program

Welcome to Railer Academy and Railer Virtual Program. Both programs are designed to provide additional educational opportunities for students at Newton High School. Each program is unique in how it operates and offers choices for students to succeed based on their learning style and preferences.

Railer Academy is located in Brooks Trade Center on the north side of the campus. Students enrolled in Railer Academy come to school each day and choose how their schedule is delivered between the two buildings - Newton High School and Railer Academy. For example, a student may come to the Academy for one block to recover a credit or he/she may come for two or more blocks for credit recovery. Other students may come to the Academy for a determined about of time to gain original credit of a course. Students transition between Newton High School and Railer Academy throughout the day and build a schedule that meets their on-campus needs.

Railer Virtual Program is delivered as an online alternative for students. Students enrolled in the virtual program must complete at least 50% of their coursework off campus and are able to come to NHS for two elective courses. Students can, however, choose to do all coursework at home. 

To be considered for either program, an application must be completed and returned to Melinda Rangel, Railer Academy administrator.

Railer Virtual Program Celebrates First Graduate

Daryl Couser is the first graduate from the Railer Virtual Program. Congrats, Daryl!

couser graduate



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