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NHS Counseling Department

Local Scholarships Available Now!

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2022-23 Scheduling Corrections

Have a schedule correction? Complete this form.
Steps to completing this form:
Step 1: review schedule correction guidelines
Step 2: click link to complete form
Step 3: complete form
Step 4: download complete form as PDF
Step 5: email completed form to counselor

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College Admissions Visits

Check your Family Connection page for updates --


What to learn from College admissions representatives:

  1. Admissions requirements and deadlines.

  2. Scholarship requirements and deadlines.

  3. What are the most popular majors?

  4. Financial Aid opportunities?

  5. Clubs and organizations available for participation in.

  6. Housing options and deadlines.

  7. On campus - off campus job options / availability.

  8. Tutoring resources other “helps”.

  9. Orientation to college - welcome events.

  10. Why choose this school?

  11. Amount of debt students are graduating with.

  12. Average time to graduate: 4 years? 5?

  13. Percentage of students receiving financial aid.

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