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Ag Academy Faculty

Ag Academy Team Members

The suggested courses in the Ag Academy include Biology, World History, English and Plant & Animal Science during the sophomore year.

Lacie Fair





Mrs. Lacie Fair

Agriscience Instructor

Elizabeth Gunn





Ms. Elizabeth Gunn

World History and
Sociology Instructor

Adam Williams






Mr. Adam Williams

Chemistry Instructor

Ryan Kopper






Mr. Ryan Kopper

English Instructor


Nate Wollenberg





Mr. Nate Wollenberg

US History and
Government Instructor

Amanda Gillespie





Mrs. Amanda Gillespie

Agribusiness Instructor



Diane Moser





Mrs. Diane Moser

College and
Career Advocate

Ben Reed





Mr. Ben Reed

Asst. Principal

CTE Director



Caleb Smith








Mr. Caleb Smith


Sheila Wendling





Mrs. Sheila Wendling

Assistant Superintendent

Instructional Services