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Debate & Forensics


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Novice Debate        
Prerequisite: None

This course provides an introduction to the theories and practices of competitive policy debate. The course involves public speaking, argumentation, research, and analysis of the current debate topic. Individual participation after school and weekend debate tournaments are required. Students must be self-motivated and work well with others.  After school and weekends are required.  Hosting help is a requirement. This course can be substituted for the Speech credit.

Experienced Debate      
Prerequisite: Novice Debate and/or Teacher Approval

This course provides experienced debaters with in-depth research, analysis, and argumentation opportunities. Regular competition at extra-curricular tournaments is required. Also, students must assist with hosting the NHS Railroader Debate Tournament. This class may be substituted for the required speech class.  After school and weekends are required.  Hosting help is a requirement.

Spring Debate     
Prerequisite: Students must have been in the fall Debate class. Those not in the fall Debate class must have plans to take Policy Debate the following fall. Instructor approval is required.

This class is for students wanting to compete in spring/forensics debate related activities, and those waiting to research the New Cross Examination (CX) topic. The spring debate will not fulfill speech requirement for graduation. Students will be required to attend out of school contests and work sessions. Competitions include the Lincoln/Douglas debate, Controversy or Cross-fire Debates, student congress, or legislative debate, foreign and domestic extemp, as well as Original Oration and Informative Speaking. Research is required for topics: Lincoln/Douglas, Cross-Fire, Congress, Extemp, and the following year's CX debate topic.


Debate & Forensics: