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Introduction to Journalism

Course Descriptions

The following descriptions are for the two introductory courses that are combining beginning the 2017-18 school year.


21st Century Journalism

This course includes an overview of the field of journalism and mass communication. Students learn to be consumers of media, to understand news gathering and production and will explore the role media in the communications industry in society. This course includes instruction in basic news writing, reporting, editing, discussion of legal and ethical issues and production of one issue of The Newtonian. This class is the prerequisite for Newspaper and Yearbook.


Grade level required: 9, 10, 11, 12.


Units of Study

  1. Role of journalism, Journalism law & ethics

  2. News values & principles of journalism

  3. Information gathering (interviewing)

  4. Journalistic writing & story development

  5. Visual presentation

  6. Opinion/Feature/Sports writing

  7. Photography & Design

  8. Publication production (April)

Digital Media

Digital Media Technology teaches the technical skills needed to work with electronic media. Students will explore photography, digital imaging, graphic design, video production, web design, and digital citizenship, while applying to principles of design in a project-based learning environment. Topics will include exploring the use of digital media and video today and in the future, a study of the relationship of work flow to project planning and completion, and the software, equipment and tools used in the industry. Eligible for local Fine Arts credit.


Grade Level Required: 9, 10, 11, 12.


Units of Study

  1. Story Development

  2. Photography

  3. Photo editing (Adobe Photoshop)

  4. Graphic design (Adobe Illustrator)

  5. Page layout (Adobe InDesign)

  6. Shooting and editing video (Adobe Premiere)