Newton High School

HCC Dual Credit

Steps for Enrollment

1. Application: If you haven't already, complete the online application for admission as soon as possible by clicking HERE. If you have taken classes with HCC before, you do not need to complete the application again. All students must have a signed HS permission form for each semester, verifying eligibility for college credit.

2. Course Options: Course options available for open enrollment are listed below. If you are interested in taking additional HCC courses, click HERE to access the full schedule of HCC courses.

3. Assessments: Students must have a qualifying ACT or HCC assessment score for all courses: *Please contact Loni Jensen, HCC Newton Coordinator at or (316) 283-7000 to make testing arrangements.*

4. Enrollment: If there are no changes from pre-enrollment, you will be enrolled as soon as assessment scores are verified. High school students cannot enroll themselves online; enrollment will be done by HCC office once placement scores are verified.

5. Confirming Your Intent: Upon enrollment, please confirm your intent through Dragon Zone by clicking HERE.

6. Tuition Payment Options: A bill for your HCC course(s) will be mailed directly to your home. Please submit payment upon receipt of the bill, or sign up for a FACTS payment plan. A delay in payment could result in late fees being assessed to your account.

  1. Go to the Hutchinson Community College - Newton Center, 203 E. Broadway.
  2. Access your Dragon Zone account, click on Finance Tab/My Account, print your statement, and mail it to the address on the statement.
  3. Access your account and pay online using a checking or savings account by setting up a FACTS account.
  4. Go to the Hutchinson Community College Business Office, 1300 N. Plum.

7. Books: Textbook information can be viewed via your DragonZone account. Textbooks may be purchased starting July 15 at the Newton Center or Campus Store. Textbooks can be purchased by phone and mailed to your home for an additional shipping charge by calling (620) 665-3517.

*For more information contact: Loni Jensen - Newton Coordinator at or (316) 283-7000.


DragonZone Guardian Account Request

Parents and guardians, would you like access to your student's bill? Set up your Guardian Account with DragonZone.

  • From DragonZone log in page, click 'Account Help'
  • Select Guardian Wizard
  • Complete steps to creating Guardian account. You will need an email address and contact information during creation process.
  • The student will then log in to their DragonZone and accept the request.

HCC Dual Credit Course Offerings

Courses Entrance Requirements NHS Credit HCC Credit Hours
College Algebra

ACT Math - 21 or higher or

Accuplacer Math - 75 or higher or

Compass Math - 48 or higher (algebra)

.5 Math Credit 3 Hours College Credit

ACT Reading - 17 or higher or

Asset Reading - 39 or higher or

Compass Reading - 75 or higher

.5 Social Studies Credit 3 Hours College Credit
English Comp I

ACT English - 20 or higher or

Asset Writing - 45 or higher or

Compass Writing - 76 or higher

.5 English Credit 3 Hours College Credit
English Comp II

Student must pass Comp I 

with a C or better.

.5 English Credit 3 Hours College Credit

Public Speaking


ACT Reading - 17 or higher or

Asset Reading - 39 or higher or

Compass Reading - 75 or higher

.5 Communications Credit 3 Hours College Credit
Lifetime Fitness

ACT Reading - 17 or higher or

Asset Reading - 39 or higher or

Compass Reading - 75 or higher

.5 Elective Credit 3 Hours College Credit

ACT Reading - 17 or higher or

Asset Reading - 39 or higher or

Compass Reading - 75 or higher

.5 Social Studies Credit 3 Hours College Credit

These courses do NOT fall under Senate Bill 155! Students are responsible for paying tuition and books. ($84/hour - $252/course) . Online courses include a $17/per credit hour fee. All costs are subject to change without notice.



Many dual credit courses are offered through Senate Bill 155. This program allows students to take Career and Technical Education courses, in sixteen different pathways, that provide high school credit and college credit through Hutchinson Community College. Student's will only need to pay for textbooks, fees and supplies. Tuition will be waived. For more information about these classes and other opportunities visit Newton High School's Career and Technical Education Department.

2016-2017 HCC Fee Schedule - CNA, EMT, Fire Science


Fire Science Books


Essentials of Fire Fighting, 6th Ed. - 0879395094


Hazardous Materials for First Responders, 4th Ed. - 0879393892

2012 ERG - Does not have an ISBN. New edition should be coming out any time.  Our campus store normally orders our books here:


Fire and Emergency Services Orientation and Terminology, 5th Ed. - 0879394035

Attention CNA & EMT Students

TB Tests: Before the start of clinicals, you will need to have a TB skin test with negative results.

First Day of Class: Please bring your social security card and a photo ID (ie driver's license)