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What's Right at NHS by Principal Roger Erickson

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2015-2016 NHS New Courses

January 2015

On December 8 we presented our 2015-16 course catalog to the USD 373

Board of Education.  Proposed new courses are Sports Medicine, 

Veterinary Science/Animal Health (one course), Electrical II (automotive

technology), Engine Performance II (also Auto), Sports and 

Entertainment Marketing, Advanced Placement American Government 

and Politics, World Geography, Public Speaking (college speech class) 

and Router Basics (computer systems).  

The Router Basics course is part of a three-course sequence that will lead 

to students potentially obtaining CISCO certification in Integrated 

Technology systems.  This is a new program that will create outstanding 

opportunities for our students in computer networks.  We believe there is 

economic opportunity and student interest in this program and are 

pleased to provide another quality option for Newton students.

In addition to new courses, we have proposed a weighted grade system 

that will reward students for pushing themselves to excel in rigorous 

academic courses.  We also are trying to reduce the number of zero hour 

courses at 7 or 7:40 a.m. while allowing students more time to keep up 

with their schoolwork during the regular school day.  

In late January 8th through 11th grade students will begin the important 

task of selecting courses for the 2015-16 school while our Seniors will 

continue to plan for post-secondary work or school.  It is vitally 

important for students to choose courses that interest them and/or 

prepare them for their future plans.  Freedom is a great blessing we 

enjoy, and all Railroaders are encouraged to responsibly choose a 

variety of courses to develop their talents, explore interests, and 

prepare for the future.

On a personal note, recently a graduate stopped by to say hello to their 

favorite teachers.  This student was involved in a wide range of 

courses in high school:  Fine Arts, World Language, Advanced Placement, 

and Career and Technical.  Following graduation the student attended 

and graduated from a prestigious university.  At this time the student 

has an excellent career that incorporates several of their varied interests 

and reported being highly satisfied with their experience at NHS.  We 

want every student to find their path to happiness and success, and 

there is no denying that careful course selection impacts life after high 


I strongly believe school is not meant solely to produce workers, 

although it is true that preparing for a future career is an important 

part of education.  School should be fun, and our staff encourages our 

students to find fun in numerous and varied areas of interest.  

If you are a parent, please visit with your student about potential courses 

they would like to take, and please encourage your student to enjoy the 

journey.  This is a great time to be a Railroader!

Kansas Communities that Care Survey

Kansas Communities That Care Survey

Based off the recent 2014 Student Data Privacy Act, we now are required to have written parent consent for your student to take this survey.  (students that are 18 may sign for themselves) The purpose of the survey is to gather information to combat such problems as alcohol and other drug use, bullying, gambling, tobacco and violence in our schools and communities.  The survey is anonymous and participation in the survey is voluntary.

Sophomores and Seniors will be given a Parent Consent Letter in their seminar classes before Winter Break. 

Parents will need to check yes or no/sign and then have their student return the form back to their seminar teacher by January 21.  (you may also download this letter from the NHS website)

We have moved the survey date from January 7 to January 23 to allow for more time to collect these forms.

Please contact Mr. Dietz at if you have any questions.  Thank you for your cooperation.   

Please Click here to download the consent form:     

KCTC Parent Consent fall 2014.docx